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Protective coverall medical sterile

Protective coverall medical sterile

Manufacturing License(s):湘食藥監械生產許20150038號 Registration Certificate No./Technical Requirement No.湘械注準20202140427 Chinese Standard :GB19082-2009 Production capacity:5000pcs/ week
Contact number: 0731-82382520   0731-83282520

Product Description

Product Name: protective clothing suit for medical use sterile

Applicable People:Adult 


Material: composite non-woven fabric material

Place of Origin:Hunan, China

Size:A/XXL, A / XL, A / L, A / M, A / S, A / XS.

Validity Period:2 Years.


Scope of Application:To provide barrier and protection for clinical medical personnel in theirwork when contacting with patients with potential infectious blood, body fluids, and secretions .It is for one-time use only.


1.This product is for one-time use. It can not be used if the package is damaged.  

2. Repeated use is not allowed. Destroy it after use

Storage Condition

The package should remain intact, kept away from humid and high temperature, and stored in ventilative place with no corrosive gases.

Direction for Use

1.Take the suit out of the sealed bag.

2.Put on the suit from bottom to top

3.Pull the zipper to a suitable position. Remove the sealing tape and stick it on clothing then zip up

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